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The SlackJaw Buddha is a band from Windsor, Ontario.  Rooted in rock, their music is both heavy and light, peaceful and angry.  From stripped down acoustic sets to all out rock barrages, they have played to every type of crowd.  The driving force behind the Buddha is to capture the perfect moment -the perfect silence, the perfect note, the perfect drawing of a breath.


With a good mix of originals and tastefully chosen covers (never done exactly as the original artist, always covered with their own flavour), The SlackJaw Buddha can perform a solid set, and deliver the goods every time.

Wrenched from the entrails of post industrial factory town Windsor, The SlackJaw Buddha crafts songs that capture and entertain.


Playing live is the favourite pastime, and all booking inquires are welcome at  If you need an opener for your show -they’re interested.  If you’ve had someone cancel on you, they’re interested.  If you’re an out of town band, looking to add to a tour in the southwestern Ontario area, they’re interested in you.  If you only have enough songs to open a show, and want a headliner, they’re interested in you.  They have a light show, a fog machine, and epilepsy inducing LEDs in the form of wicked sceptres.   Face it, the Buddha is interested in you — so email them —




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